ESSEX Scholarships for Long-term Outbound Students

Needs-based scholarships to make student exchange more affordable

The ESSEX Scholarship Program was established to make exchange possible for students whose family could not otherwise afford the program. While we realize the amount we give is not large, we want any assistance awarded by ESSEX should be to students who truly have a financial need.     

The funds for ESSEX Scholarships help offset expenses associated with travel. Funds awarded are sent directly to ESSEX’s designated travel agency, Tzell. The balance remaining will be invoiced to students and parents. No funds are given directly to the student.


Scholarships are available to long-term ESSEX outbound students only. The primary criteria for awarding a scholarship is financial need. Secondary criteria is academic potential.

The committee recommends that you ask yourself, “Is it possible for me to participate in the program without financial aid? If the answer is no, please contact your District Chair or District Outbound Coordinator with questions or for details on how to apply.


Application Information

Student Deadline

Students must have their completed Scholarship application submitted to their District Chair by March 15.


For Rotary Districts

All Rotary Districts must submit applications to ESSEX by April 1. Forward all applications to George Wood
342 Countryside Plaza, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666