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Getting Ready to Go              

Once accepted by your Rotary District Committee, you will be required to attend several full-day or weekend orientation sessions. Our objective is to be sure you are ready to go abroad. Experienced Rotary personnel, former and current exchange students will help you acquire the skills and attitudes you will need to adjust to living abroad. During these orientations you will meet the other outbound students from your district and the current foreign inbound students who will advise you on adjusting to new families and schools.

Meeting Other Exchange Students

On occasion, several of the 35 Rotary districts of ESSEX may combine into a larger orientation session where you will meet up to 25 or more exchange students. One of them may be from the country where you are going! Additionally, you are welcome to contact former exchange students who have agreed to make their names and contact information available on the internet. 

Learning the Language

It is important for you to start learning the language of your host country as soon as you know where you are going on exchange.     Language tapes, tutoring, language classes, books are all ways for you start polishing up your foreign language skills. Your local district may also be able to help you obtain other language resources.