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Host Family Certification and Process


  1. Identify the Host Family and then conducted an In-Home interview with all members of the Host Family.     *Once the family has completed their application process you can then go into the Host Family records and complete the Interview Box located on the YEO Web Portal.
  2. Host Family must complete the Host Family Application via the ESSEX Host Family Portal
  3. Host Families will be asked to supply 3 references while completing the Host Family Application.    A link to complete the reference will be sent automatically to these people identified in the Host Family Application
  4. Waiver for background check will be sent automatically via email  - complete for each family member over 18.
  5. Host Family Orientation - Each family must attend a Host Family orientation prior to the students placement.     Attendance at a Host Family Orientation must be documented by HF Audit 1Host Family Orientation.    Topics needed to discuss are noted on the Host Family Orientation Form. 

    District Chairs must upload the HF orientation form to the HF Family file in the database by going to the host family record, documents, upload new,  document type, HF Training Evidence and click upload.    



  • Host Families cannot view the students application until they have been vetted and approved. (DOS regulation)?
  • Host Families cannot receive compensation for hosting a student. (DOS regulation)
  • Inbound student cannot live with a relative (DOS regulation)