Inbound Process


You will receive an email when an Inbound Students is assigned to your district.    It will come with two attachments, a fillable guarantee form and a District Chair checklist.  You now have access to this student's records in our Rotary YEAH database.   You should begin the process by.....Logging into YEAH and download the application.    Click here for the IB Process April 17, 2014


When you have received all the paperwork back from your hosting club, Guaurante Form, School Letter, Electronic Hosting form you must upload these documents to the YEAH database under the student's name prior to mailing the originals to the country contact responsible for that student.   



  • When you upload the completed guarantee form, The ESSEX Country Contact and the ESSEX Inbound Coordinator will automatically receive an email and the DS2019 will be processed.    You do not need to send the ESSEX Inbound Coordinator any documents.
  • You must mail the originals to the ESSEX Country Contact responsible for that student.
  • When the Host Family's application is submitted it will appear on the Host Family list on YEAH.   You can then go the students file on YEAH and choose the appropriate host family for the student.


Please process the application as quickly as possible.