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Tzell Park Avenue
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ESSEX requires every Outbound Student to purchase roundtrip transportation to their hosting country from the ESSEX approved travel agency, Tzell Park Avenue Travel.      







For more information on our student travel program 
contact Theresa at 800-888-5275 x106


Over 30 Years Experience In Youth Travel 



Welcome to the world of Exchange Student Travel a world that Tzell has been a part of for over 30 years.

Students and their families face many challenges as they prepare for that all-important year abroad; passport, visa, fares, luggage, etc.

Tzell has a full-time staff of Youth Exchange specialists who instruct, advise, and encourage from the time you register to the time you return from your exchange experience. 

Tzell provides students and families with:

?  Extended hours of operation during the summer months

?  Online, fillable documents for visa and/or residency permit applications

?  Samples of completed visa and/or residency permit forms

?  Information on electrical current and currency in your host country

?  Information on baggage allowances

?  Toll free number for questions and advice 

Many students travel in groups. Some even have an escort. Often with groups Tzell personnel provide group departure assistance at the major gateway airports. 

We hope you'll let us assist you with your exchange travel plans. We know you'll be glad you did. 



Click Here for Packing Tips


Click Here for Carry-on Tips


Click Here for Travel Tips


CLICK HERE to view "Tzell Park Ave Travel Orientation 2015"



CLICK HERE to Register  

For more information on our student travel program 
contact Theresa at 800-888-5275 x106
or by email: theresa@tzellyouthexchange.com

We will begin planning your travel and holding a seat for you only after receiving your registration information! 



Non Refundable registration fees for residents of the Continental US are as follows: 
Shortly after we receive your registration, we will email you with a password to access the forms you need at the link below. All forms will be in PDF format that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these documents. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download this free software from the following link: 
Get Adobe Reader .

The Tzell Difference: 

?  We work with the student and family from registration until they return home from their exchange experience

?  Our instruction letters are easily understood and to the point

?  Our departure letters are complete with information, point-by-point instructions and luggage tags

?  Our reputation with the numerous consulates makes visa and other document processing as smooth as possible. We monitor the changing rules and regulations.

?  Price - a big factor, next to service. Our prices, when compared exactly, are on average significantly less than others offered to your Exchange Students. 

Contact us for more info


?  Registrations received on or before April 01,  $120.00

?  Registrations received between April 02, and July 01,  $170.00

?  Registrations received after, July 01, $220.00 

Non Refundable registration fees for residents of Hawaii, Alaska and Canada are as follows: 

?  Registrations received on or before, April 01, $150.00

?  Registrations received between, April 02, and July 01, $200.00

?  Registrations received after  July 01, $250.00