ESSEX - Eastern States Student Exchange Welcomes you to the Rotary Youth Exchange Program!

We are happy you have decided to become an Exchange Student and it is our hope that you will have the experience of a lifetime.  


ESSEX 33 Rotary Districts are located in the Eastern United States, Quebec Canada and Bermuda.    You will be one of nearly 200 exchange students placed in over 30 counties worldwide.


There are important steps that MUST be completed prior to your departure.      Please review the following check list so that you and your parents understand your responsibilities.

  • You MUST purchase CISI Bolduc Health Insurance - Plan B and Personal Liability Insurance, prior to your departure.   This is mandatory and if you leave the USA without this insurance coverage your exchange may be terminated and you could be returned to the USA within 10 days.      Please check with your sponsoring District regarding payment of this insurance, as some districts include this insurance fee as part of the District Outbound fee.     


  • You MUST attend an orientation program provided by your sponsoring Rotary District prior to your departure.
  • Round Trip transportation is mandatory and MUST be obtained through the official ESSEX approved travel agency, Tzel.
  • Required immunization of your hosting District must be receive prior to departure.
  • It is very important for you to correspond immediately with your Hosting Rotary District, Hosting Rotary Club and Host Family as soon as you have received this information. Communication is going to be a very important and you should begin immediately. 
  • Email your travel itenerary to your Hosting District Chair, Club Counselor and your Host family once you have secured your airplane tickets.   

Your sponsoring District may have other paperwork and specific instructions that you will need to complete.   Please respond, immediately, to any requests so that your exchange can proceed without delay.



It is important for the student and his/her parents to understand the financial responsibilities for the Outbound Student. 

The following list details the costs to the Outbound Student.


All students MUST purchase CISI Bolduc Health Insurance Plan B


To view current cost for insurance: 

ALSO mandatory is the CISI Bolduc Personal Liability Coverage


**The only exception to purchasing the above health insurance is if your hosting country requires you to purchase insurance from their country, then CISI Bolduc Plan A is required



Travel Expenses, such as airfare



range from $1400-$2800 USD

Travel agency fee, Visa, passport, translation fees


range from $150-300 USD

Any necessary or required language training or camps. (required in some countries)


range from $200-$400 USD

District Outbound fee

Please confirm with your sponsoring Rotary District what this fee covers.


range from $200-$1800 USD

Many Districts require you to bring an "emergency fund", which will be given to the District Chair upon your arrival.    At the end of the year, if you have not incurred any unusual or unexpected expenses, your full "emergency fund" will be returned to you prior to your departure.  


range from  $300-$500 USD

Possible Travel Opportunities, approved by your Hosting District may be available.   These trips are optional in most cases.


range from $1500-$2500 USD

Note, as a Rotary exchange student you will receive an allowance from your Rotary Club each month.  When the Guarantee Form is returned to you, so you can obtain a visa, your allowance amount will be noted


ranges from $50 or more USD

All phone/computer/internet charges, reasonable spending money, appropriate clothing, toiletries, and other personal items

 **are the responsibility of the student





Student Protection:

ESSEX and Rotary International have every students best interest and safety in mind during this exchange year.    For this reason, ESSEX, has in place, a "Student Protection Policy". Please take the time to review  this policy so you understand the steps Rotary Districts worldwide take to protect all students in our care. Under Rotary International Guidelines and Policies, Rotary Districts worldwide must incorporate a Student Protection Policy that fits their culture and country laws.   ESSEX does not exchange with Rotary Districts that are not certified by Rotary International.

For more information on Student Protection please visit the section, on this website, labeled "Student Protection"



If you have any concerns or questions regarding the student responsibilities to his/her hosting Rotary District please contact the District Chair or Outbound Coordinator of the sponsoring District.